Confident Canine

When our dogs are struggling in day to day life it almost always traces back to a lack of confidence. Our signature Confident Canine program is one of a kind and focuses on both your dog's confidence and yours as their owner.  We build our dog's confidence through games and rewarding great choices, which keeps it fun for both ends of the leash! You can join the Confident Canine program through our digital courses, group classes, or private sessions.


This digital course focuses on creating a strong relationship between you and your dog. You will learn how to comfortably introduce them to new experiences while building their confidence - as well as your own! All through 1-3 minute games.


Confident Puppy is our signature Confident course, puppy-sized! This digital course includes our educational Puppies 101 course to get you started before your pup even comes home. Along with our top games for when they do. 

Our Confidence Classes are one of a kind, designed for dogs at all levels. We build your dog's confidence and teach them how to make great choices in real-life situations. This class is for dogs of all ages, once they have finished their puppy vaccinations.