There is nothing like bringing a new puppy home! It's a fun time, but also comes with challenges as you both settle in to your life together. Here at QnB we have courses to set you up before your puppies arrival, and for the rest of their life.


Our signature Confident Canine class - puppy sized! This class is all about teaching you as well as your puppy. It helps you learn what your dog needs and how to teach your pup to make great choices in any environment. Suitable for puppies under 4 months. Includes the AKC STAR Puppy.


This class builds on Confident Puppy and includes the American Kennel Club STAR Puppy for dogs under one year. It covers basic skills such as loose leash walking, sit, down, and coming when called.

Puppies 101


Puppies 101 is a digital educational course, designed to get you and your home prepared for you new puppy. It includes 7 prerecorded topics, such as socialization, potty training, handling for the vet and groomers, teething, crate training, and enrichment.

Confident Puppy


Confident Puppy is our signature Confident Canine course, puppy-sized! This digital course includes Puppies 101 and our top  games to begin your dog training journey. It gives your relationship a boost right from the beginning.