Super Sniffers!


Supper Sniffers is our scent membership class for students who wish to continue building their scent work skills. Each class is created specifically for the dogs in attendance, based on skill level. They include scent games, searches, mock trials, and out and about searches. Sessions can be purchased for a single month, two, three, or six months at a time. Because they run by the calendar month there may be occasions where only 3 classes are held (such as a holiday) but also months where you may have 5 classes. These sessions are available at three different times, please check your original email to see which list you are on.
Membership benefits include:

Weekly Classes
Discounts to Workshops and Seminars
Free Admission to Explore & Gos and Sniff & Gos
Lifetime access to Mastering Calm and Boundaries
Access to the Confidence Library (While you are a member)