Confident Canine


It's time to start building a relationship between you and your dog! Our Confident Canine course is one of a kind that focuses on building confidence on both ends of the leash. Our classes are built on positive reinforcement and teaching your dog to make great choices through life. This class is appropriate for all dogs over 4 months of age. Puppies must have finished their shots as recommended by their vet before attending.

In this 8 week course teams will learn:

How to communicate with your dog - even when distractions are present
Creating an auto-focus so your dog is ready to engage with you
Beginning loose leash walking, using your leash, and food delivery
Teaching your dog to think and make great choices through impulse control
Why you need a dog that can relax and be calm as a default and how to implement calmness
Basic behaviors such as sit and down

This class includes:

8 weekly group classes at our facility at 1775 S 4130 W in Salt Lake City
Our digital education course Puppies 101 ($75 value)
Two pre-recorded seminars Calm Canine and Mastering Calm ($50 value)
Videos to complement in class exercises