confidence 101

We are excited to announce our Confidence 101 Seminars!

 Each 30 minute, human-only seminar covers some of the most common struggles that dog owners face. Using Quibells 'n Bits unique style, we will help you begin to understand your dog and how to help them learn to make great choices! These seminars will conclude with a Q&A. Current students attend free of charge, and can sign up at the building.


Dog training starts with knowing how and when to reward your dog. The more good choices your reward the more that will naturally come!


Dogs don't have an endless battery, which means every dog needs a safe space to relax and recharge. Learn how to help your dog be more relaxed at home and on the road.


It's often said dogs thrive on routine. But too much routine creates a dog that anticipates predictability. We'll teach you how to focus on creating good habits instead.


Calmness is Key to a happy, healthy dog. We'll discuss why a lack of calmness is the root of the most common dog problems new (and experienced) owners face.


Socialization is one of the most misunderstood dog training terms. We'll teach you how to socialize your dog properly - at any age - to build their confidence.


Our Handling seminar will help you set your dog up for success at the groomer, vet, and caring for them at home. Learn to keep them calm and relaxed at any time.